Family evening
28.09.2017 14:09

Family evening

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portrait of a little boy with an open mouth

mother and a little boy smiling on a couch

mother is feeding her son

little boy with spoon

mother is cleaning her son from food

mother and her son in the kitchen

little boy on the feeding pillow

mother is putting her hand on the son's head

mother is holding her smiling son

family on the street

family with the swing

father is catching his little son

family portrait

mother kissing her little son

father is kissing her little son

family at the playground

father is blowing onto his little son

father anf little son looking at the mirrow

little boy under the shower

little boy under the shower laughing

little boy is going to sleep

Family morning in the park

Family morning in the park

At such times something important comes to you. Something big as dad's hand, gurgling like mom’s sonorous laughter, prickly like grandfather's cheeks and fragrant like grandma's pie. It’s something that can not be conveyed in words, but you can feel it with your skin while you look through your family photos.

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Sporty Sunday

Sporty Sunday

What can be more valuable than spending time with the most important people? What can be warmer than hugs melting ice and snow? This is the time when real magic begins!

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A bright day

A bright day

How nice and easy it was to spend the day visiting Anya and Dima in a totally relaxed atmosphere. I asked not to make up any activities on purpose...

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