Family vacation in Montenegro
27.10.2017 00:36

Family vacation in Montenegro

When you’re tired of work and everyday routine and you need a full reboot, travel is the best medicine. We’ve found a remedy that fully recharged our batteries. This lucky place is Montenegro. It’s a country with a huge soul, amazing colors, and magical landscapes.


It was our first trip and it was full of the most wonderful things: sea, mountains, lakes and much more. We got two weeks of unforgettable impressions that will keep inspiring us for a long time. The first week we spent with the girls on the shore of a tiny but very cozy town called Stoliv (unfortunately, we weren’t able to take the boys with us because of the school). Stoliv looks like there are only 10 people living there, but this village is so wonderful! All the houses are near the beach with crystal clear water and no strangers around. Considering that there are absolutely no waves on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, it was a pleasure to swim with the little ones.




The weather also deserves to be mentioned because it was exceptionally comfortable. It was never above 30 degrees Celsius. Even when Tasya got sick, we didn’t stay at home but played on the beach, enjoying the healthy sea air. By the way, it was also the time when we appreciated the hospitality of local residents, because the owner of our house Vasily brought us to the hospital without any problems.



There were no problems with food as well – every day a truck with fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruits came to the town, and everyone could buy whatever they wanted, which we also did. In general, remembering our life in this wonderful place, pleasant, but such valuable trifles come up. Every morning we picked rosemary, admired the azure sea from our balcony during breakfast, walked around the garden with ripe grapes, kiwi, pomegranates and tangerines, looked at the abandoned, but such a beautiful church of St. Anne. Breathed, looked, absorbed. Of course, life away from civilization may seem boring, but it’s not a problem, as there were two larger towns nearby, Tivat and Kotor, where you can find everything you want.



But we wanted more than shops and restaurants, so for the second week we planned a real adventure with a big move to the dream of many – a house in the mountains. And it was really a miracle, because our house was situated in a nature reserve. This time our neighbors weren’t people (there were practically no people in this area), but wild horses and sheep with lambs that we gladly hand-fed.


It was colder than by the sea, but it did not stop us from enjoying every moment. And even when once hail began, we truly admired it, sitting by the fireplace! Did we miss the usual life? Well, the only thing we missed was hot croissants in the town of Žabljak, which was only 10 minutes away by car. We were completely absorbed by nature. In general, this is, of course, an incredible feeling of waking up in such places, dissolving in views outside the window and being afraid to wake up from this dream.








This complete union with nature and our children was so important and so profound. We didn’t take any gadgets with us – only a bunch of notepads, crayons, pencils and a few toys. And, you know, a pencil, a ball and a kite were enough for them! The girls drew without stopping. Zoe who used to paint the same thing – mostly the family – now painted fish, horses, clouds and landscapes. This experience was very useful for our children. On this trip we all grew up and looked at everything with different eyes.




It was a great trip because only in this place we could completely reboot and rest. We all needed a break and promised each other to travel together more often, and of course to return to Montenegro once again.












You may ask, so what’s the recipe to make your life better? Travel, create, dedicate yourself to family and friends. It’s really important, it really charges your batteries, it’s really something worth living for. Well, of course, be sure to go to Montenegro – a country with a huge soul, amazing colors, and magical landscapes. To see it once and fall in love forever!







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