Family morning in the park
08.10.2017 10:24

Family morning in the park

Autumn is given to us to bask in memories. Life is given to us to keep these memories in our hearts. Collect them like beads on a huge bright thread of events, which overwhelm you from head to toe when you stroll along yellow parks of Kiev again and again.

At such times something important comes to you. Something big as dad’s hand, gurgling like mom’s sonorous laughter, prickly like grandfather’s cheeks and fragrant like grandma’s pie. It’s something that can not be conveyed in words, but you can feel it with your skin while you look through your family photos.

You’re a little two-years-old toddler again. Your parents run around the kitchen like warm wind, your grandfather drinks fragrant tea and jokes, grandmother drinks her favorite coffee and smiles. You’re the most long-awaited guest in the world! The plate in front of you is filled with a whole ocean of porridge, which splashes in all directions, as befits an ocean. And you give the command to urgently carry a saving biscuit, without which these waves can not be subdued under any circumstances.

Victory! Time to test the waters. And you soar into the air, like a wild seagull, swooping down on the sofa again and again. The course is found, the front uniform is worn, the command to raise the sails is given. The captain is seriously determined, as befits a captain. Forward and only forward! And your ship sets off.

A thousand miles behind, a thousand songs have been sung, a thousand treasures have been found. You’ve experienced fighting jellyfish, hunting for sharks, feeding whales, sea delicacies and dolphin riding. And again you run-fly-swim farther and farther, conquering the waves, reading the sea signs, opening new and new islands of your stories, which one wants so cherish as long as possible.

These stories warm you and touch to the core, they are imbued with deep meaning and loved ones’ hugs. These stories give you goosebumps, they speak with your relatives’ voices, they tell you your grandfather’s jokes and smile with your grandma’s eyes. That is something that you wish to keep in your memory and photos. Such photos give you the feeling like you are wrapped in a large cozy scarf in a cold autumn. It is so important to have as many of them as possible.

mother is feeding her son with porridge

little boy is eating a porridge

mother is putting cloth into her little son

little boy is sitting on his bed and mother is putting a T-shirt on him

father is looking at his little son

grandfather is holding a little boy jumping on the fit ball. close up

Father is holding his little son infront of the window

father is removing some crumbles from his son's lips, grandfather is watching

mother is blowing some bubbles to the son and father

father and son are holding a stick for bubbles

mother and father a walking, father os holding a son and smiling

smiling boy upside down

mother is holding her smiling son, father is looking at her and also smiling

grandfather is looking at his grandson and smiling


little boy is sniffing a flower

father is holding his son high and laughing

mother is holding her son and a flower

mother is walking with her son in a park, smiling to him

family is walking in a park

father and son are playing with a ball

son is pouring seeds into the mother's hand

family is feeding birds in a park

son is sitting in father's shoulders, they are walking in a funny way

mother is reading a book to her little son in a park

little boy is holding a toy car sitting in a park bench with his grandmother and grandfather






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